The Youth That Defend : Photos by Lou Dorsey

Posted on September 27, 2016

My name is Louis Dorsey, but everybody knows me as Lou Dorsey. New Orleans born and raised. Eighteen. Young photographer.

I hung around a lot of people that used to take photos. I was always their model, but, then, after a while my friends were like, “Hey, take this photo of me.” So, I got a camera and didn't know what I was doing.

I just like the way the images the camera produces are a different aesthetic. I just liked how it looked. And then three years later, five years later, I met Aubrey.

My friend that she taught was like, “ Go meet Aubrey (Edwards), go to her photography class.” And I'm like, “I don't know…” I just procrastinated my first three years of high school, so my senior year I finally went.

She taught me a lot. And everyday, like every second, during the week when I wasn't at her class on Friday, I was like: I want to learn this, I want to learn this, I want to learn this.

I first started shooting last November. First I was shooting with a super old Nikon, but everybody that I met was like, “It's not the camera, It's the photographer.” So I took their advice, and I just went on with it and started producing good photos. Then that camera broke and I got this Nikon D50 -- an older version -- but I'm working with what I've got for now.

When I first started, Aubrey made me write down all the apertures that my camera had and all the shutter speeds and the ISO's. And that was my homework, but I never did it! I never did it, and she always would fuss at me for it, and every time I'd see her: Did you do your homework? Did you do your homework? And I was like, “No.”

I regret not doing it, because it's important, but… I would say, I'm like what they call a kinesthetic learner -- hands on. I'm more like that then like written down. I like to touch stuff, I like people to show me.

As far as, like, accomplishment, just connecting and shooting with people is it. I feel like through photography, I've met so many people from last November until now. I've met so many people and all of them are amazing. It's like I stepped out of this one world and I entered a whole new world.

I've seen Patrick Melon shoot for you all and this is going to be the second group that I've worked with that he's also shot for… He's one of the people I look up to around here because he's really dedicated. He's shooting everyday. I've never seen Patrick without his camera. I've seen him without a camera one time -- one time!

…Meeting a lot of people and seeing what they're doing with their life. I don’t want to live an average life. I want to be doing something like you, or Alex (Smith), or Aubrey (Edwards) -- Just living day by day and doing something different everyday. I just want to live like that. 

Yeah, I’m studying Studio Art. Right now I’m still taking pre-reqs, but I just want to get into it. Photography is my main goal with Studio Art, but by the end of the semester, I might consider majoring in Film because it’s something new to get into and learn more.

Photography is endless. No one knows everything about it. There’s always something new you can learn -- different styles. I love looking at other people’s work -- like the dude, Urbanshot. I haven’t met him yet, but I love his work. It’s amazing, it makes me want to do stuff like that.

Shooting for DNO was fun because I got all my friends to model. That’s why my title, The Youth that Defend, is a certain fit. Everybody liked the shirts. Everybody enjoyed the shoot. It was cool.

I would say : don’t stress about the future, live everyday, do something new everyday, and just have fun. That’s the motto.

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