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Styled By: Sly Watts

In a new project observing the individual style and expressiveness of artists, we invited our friend, musician and visual artist Sly Watts, to the studio to personally style and model some of his favorite DNO pieces.

Photos: Michael Tucker
Styling: Sly Watts

Aiming to draw connections between personal style and artwork, we present Sly's looks alongside his visual art. You can listen to his music here.

By the vintage rack / Unity T-Shirt

“I draw inspiration from a lot in life. My brain sorta works as a sponge.”

Sly Watts — In the Wild

Inside 1101 First St / Unity T-Shirt

On the back patio / Hometeam T-Shirt

“I want my art to speak volumes in that it feels alive and in motion.”

In the studio

Sly Watts — War with the Dragon

“I gravitate towards filling as many moments with detail as possible, because I want the world to see how much goes through my mind when I want to express anything. I am driven primarily by challenging the way others think about the world.”
“I understand that as a black artist, it is inherently radical to just exist. Therefore, I utilize my skillset and my platform to develop work that pushes towards radical change, whether it's a change of status quo, a change of standards, socio-political changes, anything that helps destroy the bullshit we live in – on any level.”

On the back patio / Champion Crop Top

Sly Watts — Bananaman In Calm

Back of the house / Lucky 13 T-Shirt

Sly Watts — Untitled

Across the street / I Love You Louisiana Long Sleeve in Willow

On the back patio / Hometeam T-Shirt

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