DNO X Nommo Rainbo Sno Pin

Posted on June 22, 2016

Nommo's new single, "Rainbo Sno," is an ode to the many facets of life in New Orleans. It highlights one of the few respites from the heavy heat of summer, the snoball. Defend New Orleans and Nommo have come together to present this enamel pin, our first wearable song, as a token of this tradition.

Stream and download "Rainbo Sno" here



I just take it as it goes
Melting hands and rainbo sno
Underwater mountain peak
Move your body move your feet
Metal arches domes of wood
Ancient ghosts misunderstood
Calico cats kneading dough
I just take it as it goes
I just take it as it goes

Whole house half full of foam
Broken bricks and roots of trees
Concentration skinned up knees
Charismatic in your hood
Even if it's bad it's good
What will happen? No one knows
I just take it as it goes


Written, Recorded, and Produced by Joshua Edward Bennett
Mastered by Michael He-Man

Rainbo Sno enamel pin illustrated by Joshua Edward Bennett.

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