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Cayla Mattea Zeek — Illustrating Louisiana Love

You may have seen Cayla's postcards in our shop — her work under the moniker Mattea's Hand. Playful, true, and pretty, her work is a favorite of ours. Cayla spoke with us about her practice and how Louisiana has influenced it, through and through.

Photo: Olivia Perillo

Cayla answers, “How has Louisiana shaped your work?”

“Louisiana Culture has greatly shaped the work that I make. I gather inspiration from my experiences growing up as a young woman in Louisiana using elements unique to the region: botany, music, wetland birds, food and folklore.”
“I first felt a great connection to wetland birds with long legs and snake-like necks. There is something elegant and awkward about them all at once, which I love to draw.”
“Music is also a huge part of my life as I am around so many talented musicians. They have educated me on Louisiana music, which is really special and important to our culture.”
“From these departure points, I embarked on creating a connection between symbolism, feeling, and text to capture what is so special about this place - what I love and learn daily about Louisiana.”
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