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Focus on the Photographer: Benjamin Davis

In this edition of Focus on the Photographer, we talk with Benjamin Davis about New Orleans, shooting house shows, inspiration, and anxiety.

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New York → New Orleans → Berlin, with Daryn Deluco

A set of photos from friend and long-time collaborator Daryn Deluco — you can also check out some videos he made for DNO herehere, and here

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New on the Racks — DNO Disposables

We're now offering custom-designed DNO disposable cameras – take one to Jazz Fest, to your mom's place, to the swamp, down the street, or across the globe. And if you care to, feel free to post your photos to #DNOdisposables – we'd love to see them.

Available in-store and online.

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Focus on the Photographer: Laura Steffan

Laura Steffan's been photographing the charm of New Orleans since 2012 — along the way working with brands like French Market Coffee and New Orleans Tourism. She recently spent a year teaching in Spain, photographing its beautiful architecture in her free time. Read our interview and view her photos from home and abroad below.

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Space Stuff with General Public Designs

We visited the studio of General Public Designs and spoke with Scott about his inspiration for his new collection, which is largely inspired by a combination of space and New Orleans color.

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Focus on the Photographer: Lenore Seal

We gave Lenore Seal some of our classic styles to photograph, and caught up with her to learn more about her work and what's informed it. Read more as we discuss her story, New Orleans, and why she creates what she does.

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Connecting the Dots — Simple Play's New Gig

Simply Play Presents is in transition. 

We sat down with the guys at Barrel Proof for an afternoon chat. It was cloudy, but the air was crisp — another one of those early winter days where the temperature wasn’t really anything at all.

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Words with Eric Kenney (Heavy Slime)

A few weeks ago we hosted a pop-up with Eric Kenney (Heavy Slime), Philadelphia artist and printmaker, and we're happy to also have collaborated on a limited-run DNO shirt with him.

We had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Eric before he headed home.

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Swamp City — Take A Step Back

Take A Step Back —

Listen to nature. Embrace the natural creation process within and around us.


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Cayla Mattea Zeek — Illustrating Louisiana Love

You may have seen Cayla's postcards in our shop — her work under the moniker Mattea's Hand. Playful, true, and pretty, her work is a favorite of ours. Cayla spoke with us about her work and how Louisiana has influenced it, through and through.

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Creating and Cultivating with Allen van Norden of AAAArchitect

We recently sat down to talk shop our friend Allen, founder of AAAA. AAAA is an outlet of his life's expression and desire to create and cultivate. The goal was to curate an authentic environment around health, wellness, art, and design. "AAAA" represents the four main atoms (elements) of the human body and universe: oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen.

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Michael Tucker's New Orleans

DNO friend and photographer Michael Tucker, whom we interviewed in December, has been documenting the classic and aged landscape of New Orleans. Here, we share some of his latest images. You can view more of Michael's work on his website and follow his work on Instagram.
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Focus on the Photographer : Elena Ricci



"…someone contacted me about my work and wanted me to shoot their band, and it was the first time someone had seen my work and was simply asking me to do what I do, but for them. And they were like give us a quote, and I did, and they came back and wanted to pay me more than I asked for. That was the moment where I realized I can really say no to this garbage I don't want to do. I don't have to shoot if I'm not into the work because there is someone else out there that's going to pay me to do exactly what I want to do -- they appreciate it. And so, I think that when you do have to commodify creativity it's important not to lose sight of your creative voice."

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