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Selected by Turk Dietrich of Second Woman : This mix is a collection of some modern tunes that have been released in the last few years ... these songs are of the type that, when Josh and I hear them, it inspires us to push even harder on our own music.




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Josh Eustis and Turk Dietrich of Second Woman share a deep history going back to their early days in the New Orleans electronic community, as part of Telefon Tel Aviv and Belong, respectively. Eustis now lives in Los Angeles, while Dietrich is still a resident of New Orleans. On January 20th they have a new single titled "E/P" , being released via the Austrian record label, Editions Mego. In addition, April 14th of this year will see the release of their second full length record, "S/W".


Order "E/P" here: https://spectrumspools.bandcamp.com/album/e-p


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"Second Woman is a fully realized entity; a well-crafted sound world and a refreshing shared effort which is inspiring in its purity and painstaking in its design."

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