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Dive into a pool of dark wave, synth, 80s classics, and everything in between with Overcast, by Sophie, team member at DNO Downtown.

Sophie's also put together a show this weekend — the details:

Built Tough, an all-female art exhibition & pop-up
3000 Royal Street
7-10 pm, Saturday April 28
Cruel Touch, DJ Set XCARLISAX

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Patrick Melon's Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest on the horizon, we revisited a set of photos sent our way by photographer Patrick Melon and curated a small gallery of candid Jazz Fest blissThis is the water boys and the drinks you snuck in, a retreat to the gospel tent, the all-encompassing jubilance and the ever-present parade — surrounded by good people enjoying good music and good food. 

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Luxley's 'Chromatics' — On Life with Chromesthesia

We sat down to chat with Luxley, a New Orleans musician and bartender, about his new album, Chromatics, and how it's been influenced by living with chromesthesiain which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color.

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