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New Orleans friends Turk Dietrich and Josh Eustis released this masterfully executed electronic music project last year, and we've had it on heavy rotation since. It's been great to watch the world embrace it. They played Berlin Atonal 2016 and FACT Magazine named their release one of their top 50 albums of 2016



Second Woman on Bandcamp 


Second Woman is a new collaborative project featuring Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of the renowned Telefon Tel Aviv. As one would imagine, Second Woman is a nonpareil debut of futuristic electronic music fusing the coveted genetics of the duos respective previous endeavors into an alluring new enigma of ASMR-inducing kaleidoscopic dub. Second Woman is a fully realized entity; a well-crafted sound world and a refreshing shared effort which is inspiring in its purity and painstaking in its design. -- Spectrum Spools



Their second release, E/P, is out this Friday, January 20th. It's available for preorder here

Ultra-modern computer music duo Second Woman offer a preview of their forthcoming Spectrum Spools opus, S/W, with an exclusive EP taking cues from the furthest fringes of digital dub and experimental software composition. “I E/P” and “II E/P” utilize percussive stutter, micro-processed echo, and negative space to explore the limits of rhythmic abstraction, blurring the boundary between human artistry and artificial intelligence. A pair of remixes by Grecian dub-techno progenitor Fluxion and Midwest avant-footwork producer Jlin round out the collection, innovatively mining the source material for vivid rhythmic contours. -- Spectrum Spools


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[R]earview Hearing : Playlist by Second Woman


Selected by Turk Dietrich of Second Woman : This mix is a collection of some modern tunes that have been released in the last few years ... these songs are of the type that, when Josh and I hear them, it inspires us to push even harder on our own music.

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"So that’s one thing I’ve learned. To treat music as a hobby even when it is not. It’s fun, it’s a release, it’s an expression. I shouldn’t treat it as a job even though it is a job…"

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