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New Orleans Horizons

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Featured products: Lunar Horizon New Orleans and Khaki New Orleans Script Cap

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Focus on the Photographer : Akasha Rabut


"I’ve learned that in order for me to be completely 100% interested in what I’m making I have to be innately passionate about what I’m creating. I make art for myself but with the goal of sharing it with the community. I’m deep into social justice and documenting the rich culture of New Orleans. I feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful city. New Orleans is a cradle of culture and I’m lucky that I get to live in it and document it."

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Monique Champagne of Flambeauxs


Monique is one of our favorite makers and a most inspiring new friend! She's been working to spread love and good vibes through this beautiful, whole-hearted project she calls Flambeauxs. We're happy to share her candles and open approach to life!

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