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DNO sat down with photographer Patrick Melon to discuss his new show, As Above So Below, and chat about how New Orleans has informed his work.

How has New Orleans has shaped you and your work?

New Orleans is a place that just naturally inspires creativity. What really gets me excited about getting up and going to shoot everyday is knowing that in my own way I’m contributing to that. Additionally, I don’t think my photos are meant for today. By that I mean, especially in this world of instant gratification, I look at my photos as something that will be a treasure to be admired a decade from now as opposed to a trinket just to show off in the moment it was taken.

I really want my photographs to be part of the vernacular of how people view and experience New Orleans. I delight in the thought that one day my photos of the artists, big chiefs and every day people of this city will some day grace history books.

Tell us about your upcoming show 'As Above, So Below'.

The exhibit I’m having come next month at Preservation Hall, so titled As Above, So Below will be a series of photos juxtaposing some of my aerial shots with ground level photos. Aside from the spiritual connotations of the phrase, I want it to be a literal side by side of the places we know in this city from the aspect of sky and street. New Orleans is one place that is sure well capable of making a celebration out of any situation, thereby merging the heavens with the heels of the boots that walk these grounds.

You can see Patrick's new work – As Above, So Below – at his show opening at 3PM on Saturday, November 11 at Preservation Hall. There will be music, drinks, and some special surprises. 

You can follow Patrick's work on Instagram here.

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