My name is Josh Etienne, and I’m from New Orleans. 

How long have you been taking photos? 

I have been taking photographs for about 6yrs, during my free time after my jobs. 

Is photography your primary medium?

My first medium was writing poetry or spoken word, but photography has become my favorite medium. I used to write as a form of relaxation. Writing was how I cleared my mind, when my imagination would run wild.

What is your favorite medium, technique, or platform for sharing your work?

Photography is my new favorite medium. Instagram used to be my favorite platform to share my work until I saw my photographs on a larger scale on my website. Seeing my images full screen has made me appreciate the work I do even more.

What have you learned lately through producing art?

The past few years, I have learned that moments are fleeting and should always be documented, especially the good ones. You never know what the future holds. I want to be able to look back at my photographs and enjoy the nostalgia. Also, I've learned how to view the world in a photographic sense. I see normal objects as props in photo shoots now. My mind works differently once I fully embraced my craft.

Is there anything that you have learned through art that has made you a better person as a whole?

Yes, before photography I was very anti-social. Pursuing this career has helped me to open up to new life experiences. I’ve also met a lot of new creative people to work with. I’m very eager to learn & create more using my crafts. My work ethic has increased tremendously as well. I work a full time, a part time job, & still find time to do photography. I used to complain about not having enough time to practice photography with one job. Now I just make it work whichever way I can. I'm more assertive in asking my clients to adjust their bodies during photoshoots now. I used to let them pose however they wanted and my photos would seem like they were lacking. I've learned so much from my mistakes.

What else are you working on right now?

As of now, I am working on finishing photos for a maternity shoot. Also, I did a random photoshoot with a friend. Now I’m looking through those photographs and finding new ways of editing them. Just trying to stay ahead of myself. Learning new ways of using light to make sure I have the correct exposure when I'm photographing different things. I have to stay prepared for new ventures that I believe are coming my way. 

What inspires you most about New Orleans?

New Orleans as a whole is inspiring. I love my city,from the people, the food, and the culture. New Orleans gives you no choice but to fall in love with all those things. When you go to a second line and watch the New Orleanians dance & celebrate life, you see the joy in the faces of everyone participating. Seeing those beautiful indians suits is always a plus as well. The artistry & the time it takes to create those Indian suits is astounding. For years I have watched my uncle sew a new suit to debut on Mardi Gras day. His favorite suit is the one he made in memory of my aunt. The Indian suit is pink with ribbons of each form of cancer on it ,to pay tribute to all types of cancer. Every year since the passing of my aunt he has worn his suit for the breast cancer walk to honor her and everyone else who is fighting their own battles with the disease. New Orleans has my heart and the way I photograph is inspired by what I see on a daily basis in this amazing city.

Are there any wise words you'd like to share? 

My Words of Wisdom are don’t give up no matter how hard it seems. No matter how long it takes for you to get to the finish line. As a photographer in my eyes I’m not where I want to be just yet. I am further a long than I was when i first started, but I still have goals I want to reach. I’m inspired every day by local photographers I follow on my Instagram feed. I have followed most of these people my entire time as a photographer and watched their progression its amazing. New Orleans has a lot of hidden talent that needs to be brought to light. I feel if we as peers in New Orleans work together we can benefit in more ways than one to better ourselves in this at art form.