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What's your name and where are you from?

My name is James Quick and I’m from San Rafael, a town just north of San Fransisco.

How long have you been writing music?

I’ve been writing music since I was about fifteen. I’ve started producing more in the last 2 years as well.



What is your favorite medium or platform for sharing your work?

Recordings are definitely my favorite platform because I can add all the sounds essential to bringing my music to life. Between harmonies and background vocals, recordings can hold so much more weight. I love playing live, but some songs rely on certain factors I can’t always preform by myself. 

What have you learned lately through producing art? 

I’ve learned how relatable such personal material can be. I always loved writing music for myself, and recently I’ve seen that other people can enjoy it as much as me.



Is there anything that you have learned through art that has made you a better person as a whole?

It’s made me more understanding because I realized that people experience a lot of the same emotions, even if they have nothing in common. 

What else are you working on right now?

I’m working on a single currently that I plan on releasing in early January right before I prepare to release a six song EP. There’s a wide variety of sounds in the upcoming music. 



What most inspires you about New Orleans? 

I’m inspired by the freedom and lack of ordinary living. We all meet people who seem to live life in a box. But New Orleans attracts people with character and the will to step outside their comfort zone. Pursuing a career in music is well outside my comfort zone but something about the city makes unordinary seem possible.

Are there any wise words you’d like to share?

I would just say that life’s about choices so choose to do what you love.



20 year old singer songwriter James Quick moved to New Orleans in 2014 to attend Loyola University's music program. James dropped out this year to pursue music full time after his first releases started to gain attention. His newest release, a double singled entitled "Youth, Dreams & Reality", is out now.
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Photos by Keegan McGuire

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