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We visited the studio of General Public Designs and spoke with Scott about his inspiration for his new collection, which is largely inspired by a combination of space and the colors of New Orleans.

Is there anything you’ve learned from photography that you’d like to share? A sort of Tao of Photography?

Photography taught me how to see.  It was the first “artistic” action I ever took. The first time I was able to relay to others what I saw in a creative way. So if it taught me anything, I’d say it taught me to trust my instincts.

Space stuff?

Space Stuff…I mean, is there anything cooler than space? There are two different ideas behind 'space stuff'. One is obviously outer space itself, the science of it, and the question of what is going on out there. That’s just a general interest. The second is a vision of the future and how space influences that aesthetic…I’m particularly inspired by retro-futurism. My play with line, shape, and color in this new collection comes directly from the retro-futurist idea of what the future would look like. 

Plans for 2018?

Finish the ‘space stuff’ collection and do some traveling.

What is it about New Orleans that informs your work?

I never really paid attention to color before I got to New Orleans — I was much more into lines and shape. In particular it was the pastel-painted houses that got me, which coincided with the #candyminimal stuff floating around on Instagram I was paying attention to. I think there’s a lot of energy in color and in New Orleans, and I like to think they are not absent from each other. It’s a fun place to be, how could I not be making colorful things? Also, just the general attitude of the people here allows you the freedom to do what you want, creatively speaking. 

If people could read some core values in you products, what would those be?

I hope that people see my work as being formally elegant, strange and useful, and that it inspires thought and curiosity.

What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve had to overcome working on GPD?

I’d say there are at least 1,000 challenges you have to overcome when you’re trying to get a creative based business off the ground. I started making furniture when I got to New Orleans about 5 years ago. My craftsperson skills were pretty mediocre at that point. The sculptural work I made prior to moving here was pretty precarious and ephemeral, so I didn’t have the skill set needed to make a piece of furniture at the level of other furniture makers here locally and around the globe. That process of learning how to make the designs you can dream up is always a challenge, but a gratifying one.  

Recommended reading? 

The Tao of Physics – Fritjof Capra

Food of the Gods – Terrance McKenna

The Book – Alan Watts

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