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We first met Darian through mutual friends and Instagram. We're excited to share the work she's produced for DNO as well as more on her personal philosophy and possitive outlook


How long have you been taking photos?
I started taking photos as a child, but I didn't get into photography seriously until I was a junior high school. People at school kind of knew me as the girl who always took pictures, haha. So I guess that makes it about 7 years of being a photographer!


Is photography your primary medium? What is your favorite platform for sharing your work? 
Yes, photography is definitely my primary medium. I love sharing my work on instagram, it's so much fun getting to talk to people about art and your work on a social media platform and a great way to keep up a portfolio. 



What have you learned lately through producing art?
I think the thing I'm learning right now is that it's okay to change. I feel like I'm in this transition period with my work, I'm inspired by things that didn't inspire me a few months ago and I want my work to reflect those inspirations. I was having a tough time changing my editing style and figuring out how to make work I was proud of instead of work I was good at, if that makes sense. I'm still learning how to get to the place I want to be and I like that. I always want to be learning.


Is there anything that you have learned through art that has made you a better person as a whole?
It definitely makes me look at other people's art in a fresh way. I now understand the amount of work and planning that can go into something that looks so simple, and the incredible feeling an artist feels when they finally put out there something they've been working on for so long. I want to always admire art and not just pass it up. 


What else are you working on right now?
Well, I just did some major rebranding and made a new website and it feels great to finally have that done and into the world. My next goal is to start on some personal projects. I want to make sure my art and creativity are continually growing so my client work will always be fresh and interesting.


What inspires you most about New Orleans?
Two things: the colors and music. 
I am so into colors right now and you can find so. many. in New Orleans. Every time I shoot here I think, "give me more New Orleans shoots!" There's a new color in every direction you look and I love that a lot. 
I also love that music seems to be playing constantly. The live music on street corners is my favorite. It brings so much life to the city. People follow their dreams in New Orleans. That's so important. 


Are there any wise words you'd like to share?

The past few weeks I've had the phrase in my head, "let's root for each other." 

Life has been crazy lately, and there's a lot of things trying to tear people apart. But no matter what, we all have a dream and we all want to see our dream bear fruit. What if we just started encouraging people in their dreams instead of trying to beat them? I think life would be a lot more beautiful that way. 

So to whoever reads this, keep doing what you're doing. Work as hard as you can for your dreams to become reality. If no one else in the world believes in you, know that I'm cheering for you! 

Words and Images by Darian Kayce

See more of her photos for DNO here

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