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We had the pleasure of catching up with Amahl (AF THE NAYSAYER) and chatting about his recent trip to Wales, what's been up since our Creole State collaboration, and what's on the horizon. 

What was your time in Wales like?

AF: I always have a lovely time attending and performing at FOCUS! Wales. This year I found myself surround with various Canadian acts and showed them around Wrexham. The United Kingdom is a great place to visit when it's sunny. 

Any updates on flatland? 

AF: Well, I stayed in London for a bit and got to ride with some of my BMX heroes, James Smith and Jason Forde. I was very close to getting the chance to up ride with James White, but we had a scheduling conflict where I wasn't able to meet up with him for a quick session. I currently just changed my bicycle setup after the Flat Rhythm BMX Second Line that just took place in the French Quarter last week.

Saw you won best DJ/Electronic artist at the Big Easy Awards, congrats! Do you feel like what you’re doing is catching on?

AF: I don't know if it's catching on but I have noticed higher profile musicians in the city are starting to recognize my name, or be familiar with my work. Recently, I had the honor of having Nicolas Payton watching my set and giving me positive reinforcement.

We’ve seen the dance sets you’ve been doing and we’re loving that direction. What’s next?

AF: My trip to Seoul last year really influenced me to start making faster pace music. I would say one can expect to hear Afro-Cuban and Afro Brazilian influenced rhythms in my music in the near future. 

What are you learning lately?

AF: That's a heavy question! I'm currently reflecting on past experiences and working on understanding the cause and effect of these situations and it's relationship with my behavior. Outside of that, I'm constantly learning new concepts and maneuvers on my bicycles.

Tell us about the set on Saturday - who you chose and why?

AF: The set I'm playing Saturday is the same set I performed at FOCUS! Wales. I ask my friends gl!nn, Wino Willy, and 40-MiD to accompany. 40-MiD is an alumn of Upbeat Academy. gl!nn is one of my closes friends in this city and is honestly the most talented person and creative person I know of. Wino Willy is from Philadelphia and we have a lot of mutual friends in Taiwan oddly enough. All of these guys are amazing producers and are apart of the Dolo Jazz Suite family. 

Here's what Amahl is listening to lately.
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