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As Mardi Gras approaches, we've compiled a playlist inspired by global tradition and international street gatherings – with songs from Brazil, Haiti, Colombia, Trinidad, and New Orleans.

Listen on Spotify or click play below.

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On the Shelves: Bonfolk – Socks with Purpose

We're a proud home to several brands that align themselves with important causes, one of those being Bonfolk – for every pair of their socks sold, one is donated to a shelter or charity for homeless folks in need. To date, Bonfolk has donated over 25,000 socks to charity.

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On the Shelves: AINT–BAD

We got the chance to talk shop with Carson and Taylor, a couple of the founders of AINT–BAD, one of the newest additions to our growing collection of publications. AINT–BAD is an independent publisher of new photographic art stationed in Savannah, Georgia. You can learn more about their mission here.

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