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This week we sat down to talk with Anna Koeferl, our most recent collaborator, about her printmaking process, New Orleans, and everything in between. You can find the below print, among others, at both DNO Garden District and DNO Downtown.

What's your name and where are you from?

Anna Koeferl, from New Orleans!

How long have you been making prints, illustrating, making art, etc?

Since high school — I went to NOCCA for Visual Arts and then the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), where I studied painting and graphic design. I graduated about a year and a half ago and have been making work in New Orleans since. 

How did you get started?

NOCCA! Its a really great school — I'm working there now as the in-house graphic designer. Its kind of crazy to be back, but working on the other side of things makes me realize just how special of a place it is.

What is your favorite medium, technique, or platform for sharing your work?

Collage is very central to how I draw, print, and paint. Cutting out shapes and textures from paper and arranging them together makes more of a surprising outcome for me than if I were to just draw them. When I do draw, I try to imitate the style of using paper and scissors. The whole process feels not too worked over even though maybe it has been. 

At the moment I'm enjoying scanning textures made with Sumi ink and then arranging them on photoshop. Working this way makes choosing color combinations a lot easier. If I'm at a loss for a shape or texture, I often reuse my old paintings and drawings by cutting them up, adding to them, or pasting them together. Sometimes its nice when you're not an expert because you just find your own way of making things, which might be an off or incorrect way, but the outcome can be pretty interesting. I think paper will most likely always be my favorite medium because of its versatility. 

And Instagram is my favorite platform for sharing my work. 

(You can check out more of Anna's work on Instagram @annakoef and in her online shop.)

What have you learned lately through producing art?

Building a momentum for making art is something I've had to learn how to do more effectively. Making things every day versus whenever I feel like it makes a difference in the energy and excitement I put into things. It also helps to be part of a supportive community made up of other makers that encourage you along the way. 

What are you working on right now?

Personal and commission works.

What most inspires you about New Orleans?

I'm really inspired by the performing arts here — music, obviously, but also circus and spoken word — the quality here in New Orleans is really worth noting. The year I came back from school I went to the Fly Movement Salon, a circus arts event here, every month because it just took my breath away. I would always think of Chagall's circus paintings and Kandinsky. It all felt very abstract and romantic.

But more generally, New Orleans inspires me on many levels…the community,  the folklore, the celebrations, the landscape, the architecture, the street names, the slowness. It's a vibrant town and I'm lucky to have been able to build roots here. 

What else inspires you?

At the moment I'm really into the duo Atelier Bingo as well as Imi Knoebel and Patricia Treib. All really good stuff. 

Portrait of Anna by Michael Tucker

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