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This week Alfred Banks announced his upcoming album and shared the first single. It's a concept album revolving around his late brother’s struggle with mental illness and his eventual suicide.

On lead single “The Funeral of Orlandas Banks,” Alfred recreates his brother’s memorial. Of that day, Alfred says “It was the first time I saw any of my family in six years, and it was also the last time I saw them.” Somehow able to draw strength from the highly emotional states of his mother and brother as well as his stepfather and Orlandas’ father, Alfred expresses relief that his brother’s suffering ended. “No amount of medication could really get rid of his schizophrenia,” he explains.

On his upcoming album, "The Beautiful", each song serves as an individual chapter examining the development of schizophrenia in Alfred himself. Though he doesn’t suffer from the illness in real life, the album’s concept serves to illustrate the steps in the disease in an effort to educate others about how schizophrenia can manifest itself.

This incredible effort "The Beautiful", drops March 20th, 2017.


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