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We love Agave Supply's beautiful, artisan produced products, and we're excited to host a popup with them at DNO Garden District both days this weekend. We asked founder Eddie Huber to share some of his favorite photos and to tell us a little more about the collection and his story. 



Why Agave Supply? What got you interested in these products?  

Travel and good design is at the core of what Agave Supply is all about. I've been traveling Mexico and Latin America for the last ten years. Agave Supply is a way for me to continue my passion for exploring this region, creating, and sharing the talents and crafts of Mexico's indigenous artisans.



How did you start?  

Agave Supply started last March, so we're a little more than 6 months old. From my past trips to Mexico, I knew of a small town outside of Oaxaca called Teotitlan de Valle - a Zapotec community famous for the quality of their wool weavings. So, I set out on a month long shoe-string adventure to turn some sketches into reality.  With a little luck and perseverance I'm now working with a collective of Zapotec weavers whose profits benefit struggling single mothers and a variety of community projects.  Since then, I've made three more trips down to the region, and have learned so much about wool, weaving details and techniques, and the insanely cool dying processes using all natural ingredients like bugs, flowers, nugs, sticks, etc..  I recently returned from a ten day trip -- working with my weavers on my newest collections of rugs and pillows as well as expanding some of my original designs.



When did you make your first trip?  


After graduating design school, I went on a solo six month adventure down to Mexico and Central America.  This trip has always served as inspiration to travel and learn more about the region.  


What's your background? You mentioned that you used to produce furniture?

I have an Interior Design degree from the University of Cincinnati.  For the past 6-7 years I've been living in Chicago producing custom furniture and art for local stores and clients.  My lines focused on using reclaimed materials and salvaged bits and pieces to produce functional furniture.



What are your plans going forward?


Short term, I want to expand my lines, offering more sizes and styles of rugs and accessories as well as designing more collections in general.  But long term, I want my company to be the means for my partner and I to go on adventures worldwide!

I want to continue learning, collecting, and sharing via Agave Supply.  

We have 2 new winter collections of rugs and pillows debuting this November!  I'm really happy with the colorways and patterns.

Also, our series of pop-up's at DNO this weekend and next!!!



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