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We recently caught up with AF THE NAYSAYER to check out his newest fully-customized bike.

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Name: Amahl Abdul-Khaliq
Height: 6′ 3”
Weight: 204 lbs.
Location: New Orleans, LA
Sponsors: Defend New Orleans, IGI

Frame: Deco Self Titled Street Frame V2, 21'
Bar: GT BMX OG 2017 4pc, 8.6'
Grips: Scott Scholl's Bicycle Grips
Bar Ends: Deco Pac Ends
Stem: Animal Inverse
Headset: Animal Integrated
Fork: Odyssey R25
Cranks: FITBIKECO 2PC Indent 24 Bossless, 165mm
Pedals: Odyssey Grandstand PC
Sprocket: FITBIKECO Key Drive Sprocket 24mm, 25t
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2 Half Link
Bottom Bracket: FITBIKECO 24mm Mid
Seat: FITBIKECO Solo Tripod
Seat Post: FITBIKECO Tripod
Tires: Revenge Industries Pinner
Front Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Front Hub: Odyssey Antigram
Front Hub Guard: Odyssey Antigram
Rear Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Rear Hub: Odyssey Clutch V1 Freecoaster
Rear Hub Guard: Odyssey Clutch PC
Pegs (Flatland): IGI Bmx Microphone Peg +, 5mm extenders and 7075 Aluminium Caps
Pegs (Street): Odyssey Graduate Pegs

I chopped a few millimeters off of the bottom bracket spacer in order to run my crank set properly on the frame. I also cut down the handlebars to 26 inches, as well as the excess steer tube of the fork so I can run my stem with no spacers. The most important modification was done to the seat. I used a hot knife to gut out the extra plastic underneath the seat toward the back, then wet-sanded the plastic to make it comfortable to grab.

Why do you prefer to run thinner tires (by today's standards)?
It's simple: lighter wheel rotation and less tire friction. I went up to 2.3 inches and my bike felt extremely sluggish and heavy in comparison to riding a slimmer tire. I was riding 2.10 and that was actually quite alright, but after experimenting with various tire sizes I'm most comfortable riding 1.95-1.90.

What are some preferences for your bike setup overall? What makes it your ride?
Over the years I've done a lot of experimenting to figure out the perfect riding setup. I learned that I enjoy a bike with a low-profile and narrow feel. I run a top-load stem with a slight rise, no spacers, and short, narrow bars. I practice minimalism – if I'm not using something, I'll get rid of it! That's why I don't use back pegs or brakes. In the past I rode my handlebars parallel with the forks, but now I push them slightly forward. When riding flatland, I put between 110-115 PSI in my front tire. If I'm riding street, I lower both tires to 65-40 PSI. Simple!

Any shoutouts?
I want to thank FITBIKECO and the Building Distribution for all the love over the years, Jac at Defend New Orleans, Ben Ward at GT Bikes, Stew Johnson, Chris Rye, Jean William Prévost, Chad Degroot at Deco, Ahmed Johnson, Pedro Melo, Jim McKay, Omari Cato, Johnny Tamayo, Rennace Tomko, the ATX Crew, Scott O'Brien, and everyone who supports my music and dreams.

Photography by Michael Tucker
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We recently caught up with AF THE NAYSAYER to check out his newest fully-customized bike.


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