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"The Mississippi River winds past the City of New Orleans between enormous levees and a rim of land and trees. This is the batture, where the water beats against the land, and it is where the river breathes."

-- "Down on the Batture," by Oliver Houck via NPR

Ryan and Emma photographed by Elena Ricci
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Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration

In April we headed south to Grand Isle for the annual Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration. The three-day event celebrates the arrival of thousands of migratory birds from their winter homes in South and Central America. Grand Isle is often the first strip of land the birds come across during their long journey, and witnessing their mass migration through Louisiana was time well spent.

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DNO x Team Acid Reissue

DNO sat down with local tattoo artist, painter, and food truck owner, Ken Cox, to chat about the artistic collective he started and calls Team Acid. Ken jokingly started the “team” alone, but says that his close-knit group of friends who are artists, makers, chefs, etc., make up Team Acid. The common thread between them and the driving force behind Team Acid is “being free.”

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