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We sat down with local tattoo artist, painter, and food truck owner, Ken Cox, to chat about the artistic collective he started and calls Team Acid. Ken jokingly started the “team” alone, but says that his close-knit group of friends who are artists, makers, chefs, etc., make up Team Acid. The common thread between them and the driving force behind Team Acid is “being free.”

“The idea that you can be free…you can stretch your imagination, that doesn’t necessarily have to hinder your everyday. You can space out. It’s just counter to the monotony of this material driven world that we’ve found ourselves in.”

Team Acid began when Ken needed to give his original tattoo flash a label that clients could use to identify and request his style. They wanted traditional, iconic Americana tattoo flash but with Ken’s “Team Acid” variation. His work is inspired by psychedelics, old cartoons, artists like Frank Frazetta, R. Crumb, Walt Disney, and Lisa Frank, alien and space exploration imagery, folklore, and science. Team Acid is currently planning a large-scale mural for upcoming Lower Garden District sandwich shop, Turkey and the Wolf. Ken also operates Electric Eggroll, a food-truck that sports his Team Acid designs.

DNO and Team Acid partnered to design a limited run of collaborative shirts, which we’ve now re-issued.

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